Dimora Italian Restaurant- "The hot spot"

Dimora's dishes exemplify fine cuisine. To Dimora's chefs, fine cuisine means a perfected blend of taste, texture and color. Dimora restaurant is the ideal opportunity to indulge oneself in the beauty that is the culinary arts. Presenting: the finest cuisine that alerts all of the senses, beginning with the aroma, followed by a presentation that is a delight to the eyes and flavors that are an absolute treat for the palate. It's hard not to desire every bite. The European style interior design and artwork instantly bring about a relaxing mood as well as emitting a welcoming ambiancece.

I define the food as a unique and artistic culinary expression that never fails to satisfy even the most diverse of tastes and preferences. This brings about an equation links together cultures, families, and friendships.

Dimora is a warm and welcoming place where every customer that enters is embraced by the friendliness and talent of the staff. Dimora boasts a family atmosphere that serves papa's cuisine! Chef Gino is a genius; he cooks with the emotion and expression of an artist and is adamant about using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Gino is magic in the kitchen, his culinary techniques have found a way to satisfy each customer's palate without diminishing the characteristics of traditional Italian cuisine. I can undoubtedly say, that in my travels to different countries, searching for and experiencing the finest cuisines, I ironically find Dimora, a restaurant so close to home to serve some of the most superb and satisfying dishes I've ever tried.

One of my favorite dishes is the "Pasta Diablo", a sinfully delicious concoction of lobster, shrimp, and clams topped with fresh tomato served over fresh linguine. The seafood is seared to perfection and the delicate spices present the final touch, only Gino knows how I like it!

By Marcia Ribeiro