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Now you can have your own private chef on site

Experience fine cuisine right in the convenience of your home or office by a well-known chef Gino from Dimora.The excitement of good eating is available to you with Dimora catering services, we have selective menus so you can experience Gino's best cuisine. At your convenience we will deliver delicious food as if you were indulging at Dimora. We can prepare food for large or small groups while keeping the cost reasonable and the quality outstanding. Our main goal is to satisfy our costumers our desire is to serve you with high quality food and outpost dependability.We provide beautiful presentation a state of art garnishing to make a memorable impression to your family and friends


  • Small dinner for 6 to 12 people
  • Large dinner parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • Buffet parties
  • Teen-age and children's parties birthday, graduation, Barmitzvahs etc
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Ladies or gentlmen luncheons
  • Club or private
  • Business grand opening (banks, spas, companies)
  • Outdoor events
  • Picnics and barbecues
  • Organization events
  • Political events
  • Fund raising events or charitable fun rising
  • Holiday celebration


Package #1

  1. Client picks it up
  2. We deliver it

Package #2

  • We provide and deliver all food and we also provide
  • Dinnerware, serving pieces, decoration centerpiece
  • Flowers arrangement fresh or synthetic or décor with the theme
  • Services, garcon, bartender and helper
  • After party clean up
  • Music, DJ and others
  • Buffet with hot an cold food
  • Cake and desert is optional it will be extra charge depend on size and type of cake

Package #3

  • Hord'oeuvers and cocktail
  • With or with out bar tender and garcon
  • Music or DJ optional extra charge prices are variable
  • Dinnerware, serving dishes and cups also extra

Dimont menu

  • Appetizers variety of hot and cold appetizer
  • Delicious baked clams, eggplant, rolatine salad and roosted pepper selective cheeses and olives
  • Beverages prices varies

Package #4

  • Full buffet with and without garcon and helpers
  • Price depends on how many guests
  • Drinks are optional and prices varies depend on the type of beverages

Package #5

Outdoor barbecue catering depends on quantity of guests and helpers and food and drink selection